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GSI Grading Reports


We at GSI have a vision: to create a modern, state-of-the-art diamond grading lab that takes advantage of the latest breakthroughs in diamond grading. To do this, we reengineered the diamond grading process and founded it on foolproof cutting-edge technology and automation.

Laboratory Services


GSI is a leading gemological lab offering a variety of gemological services worldwide. All that GSI is and all that it has accomplished started here. As the only major gem lab established in the 21st century, the company is uniquely equipped to address continually emerging and accelerating industry challenges.



GSI firmly believes that trade and consumer education is critical to the long-term success of the diamond and jewelry industry. It also uses industry connections to promote communication and education programs for both the trade and consumers.



GSI’s research department is at the forefront of the rapidly changing processes related to treatments of diamonds and gemstones, synthetic technologies, and many others. GSI openly shares research findings with others in the trade.

Verify Your Report

GSI grading reports are an objective and accurate analysis of a diamond’s 4Cs and more. They can be accessed any time from our secure database – a key benefit should you ever misplace it or its authenticity is questioned. Our efforts have resulted in grading certificates that give your peace of mind when making that most important purchase.

Virtual Vault

Virtual Vault ™ is an innovative new consumer security service created by Gemological Science International (GSI) to protect your GSI Grading Report – providing permanent storage of your Grading Report (also known as GSI Certificate). It guarantees you anytime access to its contents and other important benefits.

Online Tracking

GSI management has applied its 30+ years of lab experience to create software that enables its customers to easily track online their work orders in a variety of different ways. Customers can determine 24/7 the exact location of their item in the lab. In addition, they can access information about items that have been dispatched from GSI in the previous four weeks.

The Four Pillars

The Four Pillars of GSI’s philosophy are – Integrity, Innovation, Professional Gem Service Laboratory, and Research & Education. There is a total commitment to the highest standards of excellence and integrity throughout everything we do and everywhere we operate.

Our Management Team

GSI is built on the foundation of a management team that is both knowledgeable and trustworthy. The leading members of our management team – Debbie Azar and Mark Gershburg – have in excess of 30 years experience between them.

GSI Affiliations

GSI and its executives support and actively participate in leading industry organizations from all over the world. Jewelers Vigil and Committee, Jewelers Security Alliance, Responsible Jewelry Council, Israeli Diamond Exchange and World Diamond Council are just a few.

GSI Latest News

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